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The most important mission of the Department of the Occupational Health Engineering at the SBMU School of Health is to train students who would be capable of foreseeing, evaluating, and controlling risk factors at workplace, physical, psychological, and social health of the work force at the national level; as well as to develop the science of occupational health at the regional and international levels through academic, educational, and research activities.  The Goals:

  1. Training skilled & specialized necessary human resources;
  2. Participating in reforming the structure of rendering occupational health services in the country;
  3. Assisting & actively participating in providing and preparing national health, safety, and environmental standards;
  4. Playing an effective role in promoting occupational health level;
  5. Recognizing necessary applications and processes in order to control pollutants and risks;
  6. Recognition and utilizing facilities, machinery for evaluating and assessing risk factors at workplace;
  7. Designing systems to control workplace risk factors;
  8. Familiarization with methods to evaluate and manage occupational health 

Chairman of the Department: Dr. Mansoor Rezazadeh Azari (PhD; Professor)

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